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Steven Estrada 2018

Raised on the Santa Rosa Indian Reservation, Steven Estrada started attending Tribal Council meetings before he turned 18 so he could observe how the tribe functioned. His grandmother (from Cahuilla Reservation) was always involved in tribal politics, and that sparked his interest at a very young age. He has served on the Tribal Council continuously since 2007.

He feels that every tribal member should see all issues as important and realize what decisions that are made --either by state or federal officials --can greatly affect all tribes. As sovereign governments, tribes should exercise their rights to govern themselves as well as give input on any outside decisions that would affect them.

Steven is passionate about environmental and cultural resources and has attended various trainings pertaining to environmental issues. He said tribal customs and traditions are what identify tribal members as Cahuilla people from Santa Rosa, laying out how the Tribe has functioned since the beginning of its creation.

Steven is serving his second term as Chairman for the tribe. Working along with the rest of Tribal Council, they have been successful in bringing much-needed programs to the reservation. He is currently enrolled in the University of California, Riverside pursuing a degree in Political Science. Steven is working hard to continue building a stronger tribal government with sustainable housing and infrastructure for tribal members, along with viable economic development income to help sustain the tribe.

John Marcus 2018JOHN MARCUS

John Marcus is an enrolled tribal member of the Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians. He spent most of his youth and primary schooling in Banning, California and graduated from Banning High School where he recieved Honorable Mention recognition from Riverside County for his efforts on the football field. After high school, John went on to attend the Mount San Jacinto Community College.

John is also a very proud Native American Vietnam Era Veteran. A year into his college studies, Mr. Marcus chose to enlist into the United States Army when his country needed him most. Since his return, from active duty, John has devoted much of his free time to mentoring young athletes.

John has previously coached the Banning Little League and Pony Leagues for 10 years. For 2 years also coached the Banning High School Girls Softball Team. John currently is the manager for the Renegades Indian Baseball/Softball Club.

One of John's greatest passions is ensuring the wellness and longevity of his tribe and fellow native people. He has represented Santa Rosa on various  committees and boards throughout Indian Country. John has been a Riverside San Bernardino County Indian Health Inc. Board member for 8 years. For the better part of the last 2 decades, John has served on the Santa Rosa Tribal Council in various positions: 8 years as Chairman, 6 years as Vice-Chairman and 4 years as an acting Tribal Council member. John Marcus was recently reelected and is curently seated as Santa Rosa Vice-Chairman.

Alexis Sanders Alto 2018


Alexis Sanders-Alto was raised by her mother, Mary Alto and her aunt, Susan Alto. Although her family resided in Hemet, CA for most of her youth, Alexis spent a lot of time traveling to and from the Santa Rosa Indian Reservation. Having both of her parents serve on the Tribal Council and various boards and committees for much of Alexis’ adolescence instilled a very strong sense of obligation and responsibility in her to her people.

Inspired by her family members before her, Alexis has made every effort to be a contributing member of her tribe. She is currently serving her second term as Tribal Council Secretary, sits on several other boards and committees for the tribe and outside organizations, volunteers her time for Santa Rosa Youth Sports and Community Events, and is proud to be employed by Santa Rosa as the Tribal Bookkeeper. Alexis is enormously grateful for the opportunity she has to make and be part of positive change for the Tribe. She feels that it is her duty to take an active role in ensuring the future of the tribe.

Lovina Saul 2018


Lovina Saul is currently serving her second term on the Tribal Council and as Tribal Treasurer. When she turned 18 she was told to "listen and learn how her elders make thier decisions before speaking up". She is following in the footsteps of her Tu-Tu Margaret Smith-Valdez, mother Veronica Espinoza and older sister Veronica Saul to work towards "A Better Future" for the Tribe and the People.

Born and raised on the Santa Rosa Reservation, she attended and graduated from the local Indian schools Sherman Indian High School in Riverside, CA and Noli Indian School  on the Soboba Indian Reservation near San Jacinto, CA. In 2009 Lovina moved to Virginia where she began her family with her children's father from Paiute tribe who serves in the US Army. While out state, Lovina maintained commmunications with tribal business and experienced being an "out of state tribal member".

Lovina has been active  in the field of social services for over 10 years and serves as the Tribal ICWA worker. She has a vested interest with charitable work and supports health  and wellness in all areas within tribal, state, and national levels whcih has been influenced greatly by her father Allen Saul and her mother. She's creative in her thinking to involve and educate the youth with traditional and modern day skills that will enable them to contribute towards a stronger and brighter future for themselves and the People.

Gabriella Rubalcava 2018GABRIELLA RUBALCAVA


Ms. Rubalcava has served on Tribal Council  continuously since 2011. Her mother, Mary Alto, and her aunt, Susan Alto, both sat on Tribal Council for quite a few years so she has been around Tribal politics since she was young. She said she felt it was her duty to run for Tribal Council and to be a part of the force that will move the Tribe forward.

She would like to see a more unified government and see preservation programs put in place and practiced. More Tribal jobs and better housing are also concerns she hopes to address and assist as a member of Tribal Council. Her fresh, youthful perception of Tribal Issues have already been seen an assest to the Council.

Ms. Rubalcava has worked for the Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians fo the last 7 years in the Environmental Department: 4 years as the Environmental Assistant and the last 3 years as the Environmental Director.

Bryan Meyers 2018


Bryan is an entrepreneur and professional musician. He has developed 2 different businesses in the past 24 years when he lived in Indianapolis, Indiana. Now that he is living in Los Angeles, California, he runs his own music production company that writes and records music for TV and Film, as well as live music performances. He has been married to Kathryn since 1984, has 3 three children and 5 grandchildren. He is honored to serve his tribe as a Tribal Council member and Chairman of the Personnel Committee.

Jeanian Espinoza 2018JEANIAN ESPINOZA

Jeanian is proud to be a re-elected Tribal Council member who is a descendant of the Guanche-Tortes Clans. Born in Hemet, CA and partly raised on the Santa Rosa Indian Reservation, she has been a permanent resident for the last 23 years. 

Aside from her Tribal Council duties, Jeanian has also served as the SRBCI Tribal Librarian for the past 4 years and is currently involved in the language revitalization project learning the Cahuilla language with the goal of implementing a Cahuilla speaking immersion Pre-School on the Santa Rosa Reservation.

Jeanian is a graduate of San Jacinto Adult School located in San Jacinto, CA, and hold a General Accounting Diploma with Honors from the Skadron College of Business in San Bernardino, CA. She graduated as a Certified Nurses Aid in Hemet, CA , recently completed a Medical Billing and Coding Certification, and has earned certification accreditation in Librarian Studies as well as other fields of business study.

Jeanian's family history involving Tribal politics goes back many decades which also includes involvment with Riverside-San Bernardino County Indian Health, Inc. having served them for 8 years.

Jeanian has always had a positive vision for the children, youth, elders, and overall communityof the Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians. Her visions are slowly beginning to become a reality. 

Jeanian's approach to currently being seated on various committees is to be apart of and be involved in the decision making processes, moving forward with a positive attitued in the hopes of accomplishment, and making the future for our Children, Youth, Elders, and Community brighter for All!